Over the past 22 years, DRJ LLC has constructed Inetlibrary.academy/Inet Library, which it believes to be Americas’ largest and most comprehensive online educational resource center for schools, teachers, students, librarians, administrators and parents. As the Company’s development staff is predominantly educators, a distinguishing competitive advantage, Inetlibrary.academy has been created by teachers for teachers. Building on INET Library - the Company’s initial product comprised of 400,000 educator selected Internet websites - doctorate and master level teachers, librarians, and administrators have developed the specialized e-learning tools collectively known as Inetlibrary.academy. Inetlibrary.academy provides teachers with the ability to use cutting edge classroom technology effectively, and students with up-to-date and interactive learning content and tools. Inet Library, one of the tools, is the most advanced Internet filter available today for providing safe Internet access in schools and libraries. Inetlibrary.academy would be outstanding were it simply an assembly of many excellent performance tools which facilitate assessment, adherence to standards, improved teacher and student performance and classroom management. However the power and ease of Inetlibrary.academy’s full service tool kit comes from its creation and niche position as an integrated system, tying together the enhancement and assessment of learning with storage, prompt retrieval and accessibility of critical data. As such, the Company is competitively unapproachable by others providing a less cohesive product line acquired piecemeal through acquisitions.


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