The key to successful rehabilitation is careful planning and programming. Evaluation of the road’s condition is the first essential in planning the improvement. We can assist our valued clients with periodic evaluations of tarmac rehabilitation, which includes consideration of geometric adequacy, surface condition and structural adequacy for current and future use. Tarmac rehabilitation comprise of the following among other methods: Crack Sealing Crack sealing is one of a proactive way of maintaining the surface to avoid the expensive method of laying new asphalt once the surface has deteriorated significantly.Sealing small cracks with bituminous crack sealer prevents water from enlarging cracks through frost weathering, or percolating down to the sub base and softening it.This tarmac rehabilitative solution is based on the extent of bituminous surface deterioration. Tar Rejuvenation Asphalt rejuvenator simply and safely replaces and rejuvenates the existing bitumen binder in the road surface and protects against further degradation. Road Maintenance government authorities cleaning of road networks and routine maintenance including: · Accommodation of traffic · Cleaning and repairing of surface drainage structures like ditches and channels, culverts and inlets · Collection & removals of debris & litter · Cutting grass and weeds · Edge build-up removals


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