We are Zelin International Cosmetics, a French manufacturer of cosmetics. It is an honour for us to introduce our brand to you. The brand name is Aura Chake due to a princess from a far away country, who was known and loved not only for her great beauty and generosity, but for her passion and knowledge for plants and their virtues. Aura Chake is specialized in Anti-Ageing and Moisturizing care. Our French brand has looked after women beauty for 20 years. We consider two different lines of products: One is for retail and the other one is for professional use only. Both lines are created in Paris and produced in France. We have been distributed in Asia, Russia and other part of the world for many years. In any place Aura Chake was used, we heard the same words: "Easy to apply, comfortable and efficient". The texture of the line is known to be very fine and smooth. Aura Chake brings a real solution to skin problems. Holding the time is what Aura Chake aims. We are currently looking for a renowned distributor to represent our brand. If you wish to have more information, please go on our web site where you will be able to download details of the line.



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