We are able to provide support on a national footprint for an extremely wide variety of applications, replacing harsh chemicals with better performing biological and sustainable Eco-friendly products. With our vast technical expertise, we are easily able to custom make solutions for vast applications, ranging from cleaning, hygiene, water treatment, powdered, granular and liquid enzyme applications, to literally any other application. What makes us Special? Our products are locally manufactured, whereas the majority of biological and green solutions are currently imported from American and European markets, Organic Chem has recognized the value in local manufacturing and these endeavors are adding substantial value to our clients. Better products at a lower price. Organic Chem products are based on local bacterial strains which are much better suited to their native environment in terms of our diverse climatic demands. This means they perform much quicker and better for the task at hand, while carrying superior CFU counts to their imported counterparts.


South Africa

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