Osorno is an environmental company that offers a unique product line designed to fulfill the requirements of “Clean Air, Clear Water, and Fertile Soil”. Our mission is to be at the forefront of environmental science by partnering with leading engineering firms and renowned academic institutions around the globe. We use a holistic approach to find economically and ecologically sustainable solutions by considering the entire process train, not just individual elements. Osorno’s solutions address the environmental needs of a growing global population. Our product line: Water disinfectants & additives, treatment technologies, packaged wastewater treatment plants for rural/municipal applications, water treatment equipment, automation controls & monitoring solutions, animal husbandry disinfectants, biofilters, composting materials, & other. Services: Hospital disinfection, well-maintenance, plant maintenance, analytical services (water quality assessment, jar testing, microscopic analysis and mobile laboratory), process design, and system integration.



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