MAXIMUM HEALTH INTERNATIONAL is a global movement empowering people to grow into better health, better wealth and better life! • In the area of Health, we empower people with knowledge and scientifically proven products to maximize your potential for lifelong health. • In the area of Self Improvement, we empower people with training, person-to person support, and simple, time-proven tools that allow you to succeed by being yourself. • In the area of Financial Independence, we empower people by providing the keys to controlling your income and quality of life. GNLD HERBAL ALTERNATIVES (Medicinal Plants For Natural Remedies) • Soothes away stress! • Energizes and promotes wellness and digestive comfort! • Optimizes mental performance – for enhanced memory, focused concentration clear thinking and prompt recall! • Helps calm your body, quiet your mind and renew positive outlook so that you can rest with ease! • For women looking to restore a sense of harmony and well-being every day of the month! • Helps men regain renewed energy, performance and physical vitality. • Keeps lungs clear for easy breathing! GNLD GR2 CONTROL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME (How To Lose Weight Fast) • GR2 Control is a scientifically developed weight programme based on controlling blood sugar and insulin levels, thereby promoting abundant energy and satiety as you achieve your desired weight! • Based on years of scientific research, clinically tested and proven! • Results you will see and feel! • The final weight loss programme you will ever need! • Promotes fat burning and minimize fat storage! • Healthy diets to lose weight! • Controls Appetite – No Hunger and Cravings! • Don’t feel hungry – feel GREAT! • Losing weight in Healthy Lifestyle! • Fastest way to lose weight! GNLD NUTRIANCE SKIN AND PERSONAL CARE (How To Look Beautiful) • Reduce the appearance of skin fine lines and wrinkles by about 28% in just 28 days! • Age–defying solution! • Increases skin moisture by 79% after application! • Protects your skin against damaging effects of UV rays and oxidation by boosting antioxidant activities by 90%! • Natural treatment for acne! • Anti–ageing skin treatment and benefits multiplied with every use! • Makes you look younger and look better! • Keep people guessing when it comes to your age! GNLD HOME CARE PRODUCTS (Cleaning Services) • Healthy Home Care – For a cleaner Home and a cleaner Planet! • Powerful enough to protect against bacteria and parasites yet gentle enough to cause no harm! • Eco-friendly cleaning product – 100% biodegradable with no toxic fumes and harsh chemicals! • Versatile – Multi-purpose cleaners with low-dose, low-burden cleaning technology! • Economical – concentrated so you buy less, spend less, less use and clean more completely! • Home and Environment Care! GNLD HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS (Nutrition For Wellness) • Cellular nutrition for energy, wellness and vitality! • Immune-boosting nutrients from fruits and vegetables with overall immune function by 37% in just 20 days! • Boosts antioxidant levels in the blood for long-term cellular protection against free radical damages! • Promotes Healthy Heart, Flexible Joints And Sharp Mind! • Power of GNLD protein for long-lasting energy, growth and development naturally! • Promotes regularity and digestive balance for comfort and cleansing! • Children Nutrition – great tasting nutrition to bring out the best in your smart and active kids! GNLD Super Gro - CROPS PRODUCTION (Fertilizer For Soil Fertility) • Improves crop yield by as much as 167%! • Helps the crops/plants to be greener and healthier looking by ensuring that more water reaches the roots of the plant and stays there; hence optimizing plant growth in less time! • Improves the rate at which water penetrates the soil and stimulates growth! • Versatile and multi-purpose. It can be applied on any plant/crop under any climatic condition! • Compatible and thus improves the performance of agricultural aids! • Safe and easy to use; non-toxic and contains no abrasive or hazardous ingredients! • Boosts the lifestyle of farmers by increasing their annual income by over 100%!



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