We firmly believe that living your life better than ever before is possible by altering your attitude towards your physical health and your mental well being. At Healers Services we provide automatic acupressure massage therapy and other wellness therapies, that help meet the demand for an improved quality of life, enhanced overall health and creating harmony between the physical and the psychological needs. Healers Services is propelled by a team of young and energetic people handpicked from the best wellness companies in the country, headed by Mr. Krish Jayant, who is inspired to spread this ancient natural acupressure therapy throughout the country. Mission: To spread, promote and educate Indians about the natural and ancient science of acupressure massage and magical far-infra red rays through FREE AWARENESS CENTERS throughout the country. We aim at providing divine environment for Indians as an incentive to give their health a high priority. To spread the awareness that human body is designed to 'heal' itself through improved blood circulation and make them realize that the modern medical industry has unimaginable side-effects. We are committed to offer you a holistic, natural and alternative approach paving the path to wellness, healing and an exceptional state of health by focussing on positive self development, re-inventing and re-bonding to ones' self. We offer our services with superiority, kindness and compassion. Vision: We see ourselves as the pioneers in promoting naturally good health at an unbelievable low cost through having more than 1000 centers across the county in the next 10 years.



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