Empire Afrika Group is a South African company which specialises in supply national and international and electrical services, this company were formed by individuals who have been in critical industries and environment where excellence is expected. Empire Afrika Group was conceived and registered as a response to economic development opportunities in targeted sectors derived as a result of government interventions. We employ personnel that are qualified to ensure that our client’s objectives are achieved in the most cost effective method without compromising the quality of the service provided. Empire Afrika Group consists of four Directors, Each Director is involved in management and executive strategy decision making. Management of this group is driven by desire to face new challenges and commitment to deliver expectation. Strong desire for change, growth and improvement which are some of the underlying objectives for supply. We are an international supply company, holding import and export certificate, which permit us to supply any goods from South Africa to other countries. We are an organisation which is committed in making enormous change or vast impact to South African economy with the services we offer to the world. Empire afrika group can meet any demand looking at the capacity and qualified individuals within the company, competence of an individuals, collective strength which also influence productivity.


South Africa

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