We Pack and Ship Anything, Anywhere We InfinityPack understand the demands that domestic and international shipping puts on your packaged goods and products. InfinityPack helps you safeguard against potential problems when designing your packaging, and as result we make sure its protected. If you need it, we’ll assist with packaging requirements and make sure that your products are adequately sealed and properly braced with the weight evenly distributed. We can even handle any hazardous material packing, straps, seals and shrink wrapping. With the experience to tailor packaging solutions that exactly match your requirements, InfinityPack ensures unnecessary packaging is eliminated so efficiency improves and costs decrease. Int’l freight forwarding services Air and Sea. Relocation/Aliya - specializing in personal effects door to door service. Engineering and Packing Consulting. Production – specializes in producing every type of crate including wood, cardboard, steel and plastic. Packaging for Sea and Air cargos by professional packing experts on customer site or at our logistics center. Rigging and Transportation solutions. Lashing & Securing Services for marine shipments. Computerized inventory management. Moving of production lines and plants throughout the globe. Fine Art & Exhibition handling.



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