Colorado Sweet Gold LLC, is located in Johnstown, Colorado. We are a producer of corn starch for the brewing, food and paper industries. CSG-Johnstown has the ability to respond to the customers' needs and desires. The advantage of being smaller is that CSG-Johnstown can identity preserve and run specialty corn starch that others can not or will not produce. When the GMO issue picked up steam last year, we asked ourselves, how can we identify and segregate GMO and Non-GMO corn? Colorado Sweet Gold in conjunction with the Colorado Corn Growers Association, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and Identity Preserved International (IPI), developed a protocol for separating and testing the corn. The protocol is flexible to the consumers needs. It starts with the seed the grower wishes to plant and follows through planting, growing, delivery, processing and shipping corn products. The Lab testing procedures are rigorous and well documented. We use PCR and ELISA testing as well as SDI stick tests. The identity of the corn, co-products and testing are preserved through documentation, isolation and segregation. The Colorado Department of Agriculture performs an audit of the process. The future for Colorado Sweet Gold is now. The procedure described above has allowed us to produce starch from Waxy Maize, White Maize, specific trait variety and Non-GMO for our customers. We are certified as a producer of Organic Corn Starch. When the technology for Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals is perfected on a commercial scale, CSG will be able to run those as well. The location of Colorado Sweet Gold, its access to major highways, service by both trucks and railroads and the connection with Colorado Corn Growers allows us to supply corn starch from grower to consumer.


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