We provide telecom Services in following fields, 1) Transmission & Switching (OEM Includes for Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Motorola) 2) Networking i.e Routers, Switches, Gateways (OEM Includes Cisco, Nortel, alcatel -lucent) 3) Microwaves i.e. Amplifiers, Antennas, Connectors, Cables 4) Power Equipment i.e. Batteries, Inverters, Rectifiers, Distribution Panel, Fuse Panel, Power Supplies, Solar Power supply systems We Manufacture & Supply following on large scale, 1) Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet, Fiber Optic Splitter Cabinet, Fiber Optic Cabinets, Comprehensive Network Cabinet, Outdoor Comprehensive Cabinet, Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet 2) Complete Cooling solution of MSCs, BSCs, Base Station. 3) Cables (RG Series, RJ Series, Semi Flexible, Semirigid, Flexible 0.141,0.81 mm Coaxial Cable, 1.13 mm Coaxial Cable Low Loss, 1.32 mm Coaxial Cable, 1.32mm Double Shielded Cable, 1.37 mm Coaxial Cable, 1.48 mm Coaxial Cable) 4) Connectors (SMA, N Type, BNC, TNC, SMB, SMP, MMCX,7/16, SSMA, SMC, BMA, F Type, SMPM, D Type, C Type, SSMB, UHF, FME, QMA, K Type) 5) Antennas (CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G Base Station Antenna, Smart Antenna, Wireless Lan Antenna, GPS Antenna, Microwave Antenna, In-building Antenna and Repeater Antenna



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