Manufacturing unit of Leather and non-leather footwear, name Ganpati enterprises. We manufacture and market high quality men & women footwear in leather and non-leather. Our products are sold under popular brand names globally.Our major products are uppers, and men & women formal and casual sandals, shoes, ballerinas. This Venture in the Footwear Industry is being promoted by Persons who have vast experience in Cold Storage, Construction & Floriculture Industry. After successful ventures in the above mentioned fields the group has planned to diversify into the manufacturing a of Open Footwear for Ladies and gentlemen, catering to both the domestic and international markets. Apart from just making open footwear we are also planning to make leather accessories as well which would include, long boots, ladies bags, leather wallets, belts etc. Quality, Timely Delivery and Customer Satisfaction are the three” Mantras “our Organization believes in regardless of the field we work in. Apart from our commitment to the above we believe in meeting all our obligations to our employees regarding their remuneration, working environment and social obligations so as to create a healthy working environment resulting in improved output and quality. We as a production unit also keeps in mind all the Statutory Rules and Regulations which have been laid down and we are committed to adhere to them strictly so as to create an ideal working environment. We have an experienced team of professionals from the Footwear Industry who have been assisting us in setting up this unit and all of them are Goal Oriented.



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