BR Industries Pty Ltd has been operating now for 7 years, we are a health care manufacturer of a complementary medicine (herbal product) called finiflu plus this product has undergone a 3 year clinical trial here in Australia and China finiflu plus will relieve the following symptoms very quickly and being a natural product has no side effects; Common cold average 2 to 6 hours. Influenza average 2 to 12 hours. Swine flu average 2 to 24 hours. Bird flu average 2 to 36 hours. Or any combination of the above this product will help greatly, our product is licensed here in Australia, China and very soon in America (2 to 3 weeks away). This product finiflu plus is very unique as it is very safe for the following; Safe for all ages. Very safe for pregnant women. Will not make you drowsy. No illicit drugs can be made from finiflu plus. Finiflu plus will not interfere with other medication. Other medication will not interfere with finiflu plus. Finiflu plus is only made from 3 vegetables and 2 fruits, our company is the only company in the world that can make this product and the product cannot be copied at all. Finiflu plus is is very popular here in Australia and China, it is a very big seller in both countries and we have helped millions of people with their viruses. Feedback from our customers about finiflu plus has shown that it has a success rate on average of 98.9%. Finiflu plus come in tablet form either in bottles or packets containing blister packs, both contain 48 tablets in each Note we also do this product in chocolate as well. We are very keen to take this great product to the United States as soon as possible, we are now looking for distributors to handle finiflu plus on our behalf as we know this product will be able to help millions of people in America. Like it has done in Australia and China. We here at BR Industries are very proud of our invention of finiflu plus and strive to help people all over the world suffering with these viruses because we care about our customers health and well being and help stop the spread of these highly infectious viruses throughout the community. We are very keen to talk with companies that handle these OTC type products in the U.S. if they can contact my company via email we are able to send them more information about this product. Kind regards. Bob Hebb Director



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