Pomsy Food Products Pvt Ltd – Kollam (Dist), Kerala, India The most modern and fully automated Food processing company, manufacturing Ready-to-Eat Extruded Snack Food. Established in 1993, Pomsy Food Products Pvt Ltd have their own marketing facilities all over South India. With a production capacity of 1500 M.T per month, the company employs multi skilled persons. Pomsy Products Pvt. Ltd., is the most modern, sophisticated and fully automated biscuit factory in India, controlled with 100% Programmable Logic Control (PLC). The Plant is operational since September, 2001. In order to strike equilibrium between the supply and demand, the factory has to sometimes exceed the designed capacity utilization to produce over 2000 tons per month to meet the growing demand. The entire factory is controlled by Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP), and equipped with the web camera, through which effective monitoring can be made at any point of time from any nook and corner of the world. This advanced technological system has got the remote monitoring capability. This is one of the factories of its kind in India, having a strong hi-tech infrastructure base, comprising of highly skilled professionals. So much so, our production line is fully equipped with the latest facilities and at all times the products is handled exclusively by the machines. Link to our Corporate AV - https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=3NZlUT0YTFk COMPANY PROFILE Company: Pomsy Food Products Pvt Ltd Address: Bakeshire, K.S Puram, Vavvakkavu City: Oachira State/ Province: Kollam Zip/postal code: 690528 Country: India Business type: Manufacturer Products/service: Glucose biscuit, Marie, Bistime, Animal kingdom, Milkrips, Bourbon, Cream fest (orange, pineapple, straw berry), Salty bite, Fun biscuit, Coconut, Arrowroot. Sugarfree Biscuits. Number of employees: 225 persons Year established: 2002 Industry focus: Biscuit Pomsy logo: • Pomsy food products private limited: is located at K.S Puram, Vavvakavu, kollam district Established in 1993, pomsy has succeded in maintaining consistent quality of the product.Pomsy is the biggest single line biscuit manufacturing company with the production capacity of 1250 tonnes of biscuits.From collecting the rawmaterials to thequality final products.pomsy’s inhouse quality control professionals and experts of other areas are meticulous in taking utmost care at all times PRODUCT DETAILS Labeling used in India to distinguish vegetarian products (left) from non-vegetarian ones (right).POMSY products had the labeling of vegetarian symbol that distinguishes it from other companies in the same industry. Biscuit is a family of the candy group which is largely consumed by children and Teenagers. Biscuits can be savory, sweet, plain – baked, filled or coated (or a mixture of Several of these options). Some biscuits supply special dietary needs, such as those for high fiber, protein or extra vitamins (as in infant rusks). Biscuits also contain fat and often sugar, and are cut or moulded into thin layers and baked rapidly and thoroughly. If packed in a moisture proof material, biscuits can have a long shelf life. The term Biscuit covers a large variety of sheet, salted filled and coated biscuits, which have been classified into 5:  Sweet biscuits  Semi sweet biscuits  Cookies  Speciality biscuits SWEET BISCUITS The most common variety of biscuits was fat and sugar levels are generally high and provide a shorter bite with sweet taste. Sweet biscuit includes  Pomsy Glucose  Cream Biscuits  Bistime  Milk Biscuits  Fun Biscuits SEMI SWEET BISCUITS These types of product have low level of sweetness and generally harder in texture and low in fat. Semi sweet biscuits include  Bake shire Marie  Pomsy Arrow root  A. kingdom (Zoological Biscuits)  Biskids (Hycount Biscuits)  Head N Tail (Sweet and Salt) COOKIES Cookies are generally shortest in bite and may be further enriched with nuts or dry fruits, etc. They contain high sugar and high fat as compared to the sweet varieties. (.Coconut).Cookies include the following  Coconut Cruchese  Butter Biscuits  Kokonutte  Chocomajik SPECIALTY BISCUIT Specialty biscuits include different variety of biscuit such as filled, coated or cream sandwiched. Specialty biscuit includes the following  Cream fest (orange, pineapple, straw berry)  Pomsy Bourbon  Sugar Free Biscuits  Cashew Details regarding our production/Plant capacity: 1. Actual Production Capacity - Glucose - 1250 Tons per month Cutting variety - 610 Tons per month 2. Oven Length and Width - Length - 270 feet Width - 48 inch 3. Number of packing machines - Multistack machine (Family pack) - 2 Nos On edge machine (pillow pack) - 4 Nos 4. How many Tons we can give per month - Glucose – 1000-1250 Tons Cutting variety – 550-610 Tons 5. Factory Area - Land - 230 cents Built up area - 39416 sqft Thanks and Regards, Contact: Mr.P.Ramadas General Manager Pomsy Food Products Limited. K.S.Puram Vavvakkavu P.O. Pin 690 528. (Kollam District) Tel:0476 2690855, 09846570051 Email – [email protected] Web site – www.pomsy.in Mr.Sreeraj.S Accounts Manager Mobile – 09496882933 / 9846570051



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