S. Architecture has been directed by Y.S. since 2000 and specialize in prestigious residential construction, building additions. The firm provides comprehensive interior design and renovation services of residential and commercial structures. Our services are designed to provide an innovative approach throughout the construction process, from its beginning to its conclusion, in three stages: First Stage: Prior to the initial planning of each project, we take the time to learn as much as possible about the client, the values, motivations and hidden desires that must be addressed through the building process. We set the stage for quality and smooth coordination with the client and make a special effort to allow free expression and clarification of the goals to be accomplished. At the beginning of the project we discuss design concepts and help the client crystallize the initial planning and design ideas into a concrete plan. To arrive at a precise optimum outcome, we invest time and effort into clarifying many small details including the shape of the lot, its condition and topographic makeup, its relationship to the near-by landscape and space, adjacent structures and existing vegetation. We consider all these factors in light of the requirements and individual dreams and ambitions of each client. Our guiding architectural and design principles: The connection between the interior and exterior: integration of the structure with the existing view, penetration of natural light into the structure, combination of natural greenery or creating new green areas such as an indoor patio, and openings which correlate with the exterior. Balance of the structure: creating spaces which provide a sense of inner vastness while connecting the different functions of the house. Attachment of the structure to the ground: addressing the intermediate areas which are horizontal and vertical design elements such as pillars, supporting walls, and pergolas which attach the structure to the ground. Spiritual aspect: beyond comfort and functional solutions, the living structure must provide for us a sense of belonging, a place to expand our mind, rest and relax. "Understanding the space is a complex matter, certainly not one to be taken for granted. As a former professional dancer and dance teacher, I possess supplemental tools which assist me to understand depth, effectiveness, space utilization and the relation between the space and the human body as they truly are". Intermediate stage: With the conclusion of the first stage to the satisfaction of the client, we shall then proceed to gather and arrange the material necessary for the bureaucratic work in order to receive the building permit from the authorities. This stage is unnecessary, of course, when designing the interior of an existing structure. Final stage: The pre-implementation stage. Entering the final planning while paying attention to details and specifications, preparing detailed and organized work plans, performance methods, finishing materials, and various scales. The work in progress will be conducted under the strictest supervision.



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