Bio-Revival is a food manufacturing company that possesses a unique patented technology of producing encapsulated products. Our work is performed by a qualified team lead by world-class micro-encapsulation scientists. We strive for achieving the highest technical standards and uncompromising quality of the products. Bio-Revival Company started in 2005 with introducing to the market innovative products made of 100% natural ingredients: Juices, Olive Oils, Balsamic vinegar, Spices, Red and Black caviar, Fish food, Dry wines and Liqueurs, Probiotics, Diabetic treatment and much more. The uniqueness of Bio-Revival technology lies in the possibility of encapsulating any liquid ingredients without limits. After very successful years in Europe we brought our Technology to the US in 2015, and we are currently launching in the market a variety of encapsulated products under the brand name "BURST ACTIVE". The advantage of encapsulated food products is huge: we can vary products' taste and adjust it to consumers' preferences by making them more salty, or less sweet, or adding more species...- like any chef conjures on taste of his culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. Our products have attractive color, natural taste and burst in your mouth creating new amazing sensations. Another advantage of encapsulated products is their long shelf life due to the fact that the capsule protects its inner content from oxygenation. No special storage is needed for our products! The biggest advantage of all our products is 100% natural ingredients. We do not use GMO, preservatives or additives. Our technology allows us to enlarge product assortment beyond human food segment. We plan to start production of food for aquarium and farmed fish, pet food. We see bright future of the encapsulating technology, and we keep working on developing new products to meet the demand of consumers in healthy, nutritious, tasty and affordable food. Bio-Revival is now building new production facilities in California, New Jersey and Florida and we have the plan to build franchise network. We welcome investors in our business.


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