Founded in 2002, Viet Duong Co., ltd has growth to become a leading glove manufacturer in Vietnam with many experiences in international trade. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, our high quality gloves has satisfied quality standard of Japanese, Taiwanese and Russian market. Therefore, Viet Duong Co., ltd is a pretigious partner for many international glove importers seeking advantages of doing business with a Vietnamese glove manufacturer. We currently possess 2 factories operating in Long An province, Vietnam with total production capacity of 150.000 dozen of gloves per month. As with our production capacity which continuously increase, we strongly believe that our company can satisfy either quality or quantity requirements from orders of our clients It is said that our customers come to us for seeking both high quality and low prices. We believe that high quality comes only from strict control over the whole production process. Low prices come from cost effective production and management. We think customers are not buying product from us but virtually buying value. And the high quality and lower prices are just two value we can provide to our customers. We leverage our know-how and rich experience in work gloves area to supply you best quality gloves and lowest prices so as to help you to achieve best value from us. We understand that global market is diversified and each country needs a individual and specific quality and price, which is the deciding factor that customer’s success is based on. Our business strategy is to supply to each individual customer accurately. Therefore, with that business philisophy, we confidently believe that our company, Viet Duong Co., ltd, is a pretigious partner for either international importers or local consumers



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