Enabling web merchants to be paid by an Internet card swipe which substantially lowers their merchant discount rate and prevents chargeback disputes based on the sender saying " I never made that transaction." Enables the business or consumer paying by an iCT Checkout to keep their card data off the Internet. We can now deliver a business to business swiped rate and consumer to business swiped rate to web merchants. A CT Checkout replaces MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order). A keyed in internet transaction is considered as MOTO and averages 3% plus 25 cents transaction fee. Taking a card over the phone is a MOTO transaction and costs the payee from 3% to 4%. Here is the DC Patrol video https://vimeo.com/167511140. This is the first ever internet business to business transaction by CT Checkout. Up to this time the management company has been paying DC Patrol with checks and will now use CT Checkout. The CT Checkout will cost DC Patrol 1.99% plus 29 cents and keep the property management’s card data off the internet. See http://www.dcpatrolservicesintl.org/ and then click the green button which takes you to http://shop.dcpatrolservicesintl.org/ to complete the CT Checkout. https://vimeo.com/166579081 is a consumer to business CT Checkout paying a collision deductible to Paradise Auto Body in Las Vegas at a swiped rate rather than a MOTO rate. At both the DC Patrol and Paradise Auto Body websites any amount can be entered. This video https://vimeo.com/167376649 shows how to swipe your credit/debit card and store the information as an encrypted card block on your phone which can then be used to pay the web merchant with and no one sees your card data other than your card issuer bank. We are making progress with our direct listing on www.thecse.com


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