Aromaland, a pioneer in American aromatherapy and essential oils, celebrates 30 years of excellence with the introduction of “state of the art” topical and consumable CBD (cannabidiol) products. The new CBD product line is branded under Aromaland Wellness which will include the Aromaland line of essential oil single notes and blends. Incorporating strict EU farming and manufacturing standards, Aromaland will introduce both topical creams and liquid CO2 extracts containing 99% crystalline CBD. The pure crystalline CBD molecules are derived from only the stalks, stems and seeds of industrial hemp plants. No trace of leaves or flowers are used. This yields a THC free product that is legal in all 50 states. The euphoria commonly associated with cannabis is caused by the THC compound binding to CB1 nerve receptors in the brain. Since CBD is only able to bind to CB2, there is no way to become intoxicated from its use. Our CBD products are third party lab tested. All of our products are accompanied by a certificate of analysis to ensure the quality of all products. Aromaland has partnered with select European companies to obtain the legal, 99% pure CBD molecules. (C21H30O2). Our team of collaborators own exclusive technological and production capacity rights that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring together the most talented technological minds to breed and cultivate hemp. This team of staff has extensive experience in planting, development, research and CBD production. These experts have created a process that allows them to extract pure CBD oil from the mature stalks of the hemp plant. This proprietary extraction method is unique and ensures that our pure CBD products are the highest quality available anywhere in the world. For the past decade Aromaland has become a leader in the manufacture of creams and lotions. Our chemists have perfected emulsion techniques used in our facility in Santa Fe, NM USA. We have infused and emulsified essential oils in a wide range of beauty and bath products. Utilizing these techniques, Aromaland can now infuse and emulsify the isolated CBD materials, bound into a restructured lipid profile, that dramatically increases bioavailability and effectiveness. Our revolutionary Micro Infusion Lipid Technology™ utilizes special blending equipment and a proprietary process to create the most effective way to deliver CBD, either topically or orally. Aromaland’s special blending and fusion micro reduces lipids to 10 -6 (one million times) and then homogenizes the CBD molecule completely into the lipid profile. Our delivery oils are especially selected for their fatty acid profile and shelf stability. We do not use commercial hemp oil. Hemp oil is rich in the essential fatty acid (ALA) alpha linolenic acid. ALA attracts oxygen and requires refrigeration to remain stable. Aromaland uses caprylic acid and capric acid from coconut oil.. These oil chains are room stable and offer superior absorption topically and superior digestive absorption when taken internally. A new category of vapor inhalers will launch Q1 2017. These “nose vapors” are primarily designed to address the anxiety epidemic and will feature an emotional wellness strategy that combines with NIH recommended “mindfulness” techniques. The Aromaland future is bright. Focused leadership, distinct messaging and multi-platform marketing will deliver effective, natural health solutions. We are well positioned for consumer confidence and market growth in both the wellness and beauty categories.


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