Jiangsu Zodiac Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called JZPL) is a pharmaceutical corporation which develops and manufactures HPMC Empty Vegetarian Capsules and Health Products. The company locates in the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Nantong City of Jiangsu Province in China, and covers a total area of 54,000 square meters. Established in 2007 with an initial investment of 20 million US dollars, JZPL has now grown into a stock market-listed company under the joint efforts of its dedicated people. JZPL is a veggie capsule expert. With an annual output of 4 billion pieces of HPMC Empty Vegetarian Capsules, JZPL is now the leading manufacturer of veggie capsules in China. The company has over 30 registered patents for the manufacture of its veggie capsules and their quality standard exceeds the universal international standard. The HPMC Empty Vegetarian Capsules manufactured by JZPL are made from HPMC and purified water. They are Halal-certified and are irritant-free, preservative-free, allergen-free, non-GMO, and also run smoothly on all types of high-speed and semi-automatic encapsulation machines. As a high-tech corporation with its own independent intellectual property rights for its capsules, JZPL is standing high in the pharmaceutical industry. JZPL also produces 12 varieties of Health Products and offers health products OEM services to its customers. The company has been continuously developing new formulations, equipments and technology in the manufacture of its Health Products, to meet the needs of international market. In 2016, JZPL was rated by the Chinese government as Grade-A Corporation for Health Food Manufacture. All the products of JZPL are made in its own ISO9001:2008 & FDA & GMP-certified facility and are of outstanding quality. Not only were all the production buildings and equipments of JZPL designed and built in strict accordance with the guidelines of GMP, but the whole company is run under the standardized management in accordance with the guidelines of GMP. JZPL meets the quality system standard of GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 STANDARD and is also a FDA-registered pharmaceutical corporation. Famous for its quality products in the pharmaceutical industry, JZPL is the long-term supplier of the most prestigious pharmas and health products distributors from all around the world. At Zodiac, we pride ourselves on our superb products and our outstanding customer service. We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and we strive to make each and every of our customers’ purchases completely to their satisfaction. Within these 10 years of development, Zodiac and its people have built a company that is ready for the future. We will continue to uphold the core values of Zodiac and go further with every firm and steady step to a bright future.



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