We are Glocal Thinkers, a Knowledge, Consulting and Technology Company focused on providing business support solutions to Industries. It provides solutions both through an online aggregated platform as well as offline through a face-to-face model. Glocal Thinkers operates with a core team of seasoned professionals, but as a rule draws upon the strength of an aggregated team of over 2,500+ professionals and experts across over 27 industries; including but not limited to – Healthcare, Hospitality, BFSI, Retail, Power, Infrastructure, Cement, Steel, Food Processing, Real Estate, Pisciculture, Oil & Gas, Heavy Machinery, Information Technology, Ecommerce. At Glocal Thinkers, we help companies unlock their true potential and move on to their next level of success and growth. We understand that an organization is a sum of its parts, and to achieve excellence, all the parts have to move in tandem. The strategy of the organization has to be aligned with its people and operations for it to achieve its goals. For, our clients we provide services which are tailored to their specific need and budget to help them make business transforming decisions, quickly and effectively



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