I am a winemaker. I graduated in 1989 from the Technical University in Chisinau, with a major in the technology of wine and spirits; from 1989 to 2004 I worked in the scientific field at the Vine & Wine Institution in Chisinau. Our business began in 2004, when we planted vines of: Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and some other interesting local varieties. During that time the vines were selling at a good price and it showed potential for a great business to come. After 4 years, following our first harvest, the situation had changed radically. The price fell several times and to avoid the bankruptcy of our company, we decided to process the grapes ourselves. The wines we produced, despite the so-called extreme conditions, were of a great quality. During the upcoming years we won the grand prize at the Gold Barrel competition and the silver medal at an international wine competition. The climate and soil allows us to obtain high quality wines. Each year, the grapes usually reach 24-26% of sugar. In 2005 I immigrated with my family to Canada. Iurco Roman remained in charge and currently takes care of most of the work there. I usually go there during the season to process the grapes and get the wine ready. Now that Russia stopped importing wine from Moldova, the same problem can be seen within the open market. The Wine that was being exported to Russia in recent years was not of the best quality. The majority of people who decided to follow a get-rich-fast-scheme have falsified the wine and in doing so have brought the wine making country to the lowest standard possible. Currently we don’t have any quality control corporations in our country, even if they exist, they are all corrupted and often bribed into handing out certificates to undrinkable wine. We do not wish to follow in that fraudulent direction. We have the possibility to produce great quality wine and at a relatively smaller price. Despite starting from scratch presently we have: 20 hectares of planted grape, 15 hectares of non-planted land, and an industrial building where we store the wine. The storage capacity is of 10000 dal. (Dekaliters) made of stainless steel and some other tools for processing grapes. We also have a tractor (MTZ-80) and additional aggregates required for agricultural works within the vineyard; we have knowledge within the field, work experience and the desire to make great wine in Moldova. We are open to a discussion of professional and bilateral cooperation. Thank you for your interest in our company and we are looking forward discussing more on the subject. Sincerely, Iurie Diacon



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