The Eurasia Consortium Ltd was founded in 2009 by academic entrepreneurs from Oxford and Cambridge universities to provide innovative strategic management and investment solutions for companies seeking to scale their business and/or expand into international markets. With a multinational and multilingual staff, the Consortium’s companies’ competencies lie in the areas of global business development, strategic innovation, transition impact strategies, up-skilling, and the provision of internationalisation strategies. In conjunction with its key partners, the Consortium is also engaged in the facilitation of technology transfer and research commercialisation, with competencies in technology auditing; business incubation and development; and capital raising, allocation, and investment. Since its inception, The Eurasia Consortium has grown from one UK-based firm to a truly multinational and multilingual organisation, with offices in the UK and Malaysia, representatives in the United States and China, and partnerships in Russia and India. Since 2010, the Consortium has been collaborating extensively with Isis Innovation, the University of Oxford’s technology transfer office, and TTP in Cambridge. To date, the Eurasia-Isis partnership has engaged in multi-million-dollar projects in Russia and Malaysia.


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