Deals in Non Woven Fabric, synthetic leather, needle punched nonwoven fabric, chemical bonded nonwoven fabric, thermal bonded nonwoven fabric, meltblown nonwoven fabric, Textile Accessories We have 2 - manufacturing units near pune. we have in-house facility of manufacturing wide range of nonwoven fabric i.e. Needle-punched, chemical bonded, thermal bonded, meltblown. Also, we have state of art plant of pu coating based on steron® technology to real leather, synthetics and other substrate with association of basf germany. steron® is a innovative new patented technology being launched for the first time globally in india. Steron® technology is a special transfer coating technique that is applied to high-quality flexible substrates. Material coated with steron® has a soft handle & warm touch with an attractive visual appearance. Innovative surface textures can be created without impairing the breathability of the material. Leather, textiles & synthetic materials are just some of the substrates that can be coated with steron®. It offers virtually limitless scope for creating surface textures, ranging from classic leather grain & velvet effects etc.



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