There are 30 million men in the US with ED, and 19 million men and women (85% women) with UI problems. In addition, ICT is applicable to other debilitating smooth muscle diseases affecting millions more. Currently, the two largest growing U.S. markets in the field of urology are ED ($2 billion) and UI ($857 million). Viagra®, Levitra®, and now Cialis® are a class of drugs , PDE5 inhibititors, that are the leading treatment for ED. However, in past years only 20% of patients regularly used Viagra® according to recent IMS data, and approximately 42% of the ED patients treated with Viagra® discontinued use because of interaction with food or alcohol, contraindications, price, or its inconvenient administration profile. Thus, a significant number of patients were either concerned about the safety profile of Viagra® or found it to be ineffective. The two newer drugs function in the same manner as Viagra ® and the long-term results should be similar to it. As a result, urologists are interested in ICT’s gene therapy solution so that they can better treat these patients. The UI market is growing rapidly. The majority of UI problems result from an overactive bladder, which ICT addresses. Medical therapies such as Detrol® (tolteradine) and Ditropan XL® (oxybutynin) will serve only a portion of this market over the long-term, due to limited efficacy and bothersome side effects. The newer Duloxitene® is a treatment for stress incontinence and does not compete with ICT. For patients who are either unresponsive to or prefer not to use these chronic systemic treatments, ICT will be the therapy of choice.


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