Ora 10 Ltd is a naturally high-alkaline spring water company in the rural outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand. Our spring water is sourced from 145m (475ft) deep within the valley’s natural water table, where hundreds of millions of litres of pure spring water runs through a unique rock bed. Ora 10’s water sits at pH 9.4 to 9.6. Other company’s claiming to supply an alkaline product can often only guarantee water that measures pH 7.0 to 8.0 (technically pH ’neutral‘ or ‘basic’). Few reach higher levels at around pH8.8, which is indeed alkaline. Or to achieve a higher pH level, they employ man-made processes, which may or may not be retained once bottled. Ora 10’s water is different; our high-alkaline water is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It’s the characteristics of the rock bed that help deliver water that has the highest natural alkaline levels found anywhere in the world. And this allows us to supply quality, naturally high-alkaline, deep spring water to our customers. We’re committed to producing a premium quality, pristine, naturally high-alkaline water. Our passionate team of experts include water safety technicians, hydrologists and design and logistics specialists. We test, bottle and transport our water, ensuring all New Zealand and international water safety standards are met every step of the way. Our premium range, ALKALINE CACHE is bottled in beautifully designed, ‘light-protected’ packaging. According to the International Bottled Water Association, “when water (or tap water) is exposed to extended periods of direct sunlight or heat sources, algae or mould may infrequently develop”. By ensuring light protection throughout the entire production process (including bottling and packaging), we prevent the ALKALINE CACHE range from degenerating in any way. It’s like our customers have sourced fresh water from the spring themselves.


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