Rollax provides consumers with a deep tissue massager that can be used to soothe many different muscle groups. The massager is comprised of three independently rotating balls supported on a rod to allow a user to administer self-therapy. The device may be used on various muscle groups. It can be placed on the floor to massage the hands and feet. It can be held in the hands to massage the back and legs. It can also be used on the floor to massage the abdominal muscles, and/or the neck and back. Individuals can use the device however is most comfortable. The massage balls may have protrusions to facilitate muscle and tissue stimulation. The unit may be constructed of a coated sponge material for a smooth finish that can resist dirt and sweat. The rod may be constructed of PVC pipe or other suitable material. The balls may be made of foam internally and then coated with the finish. The exact specifications may vary.



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