We provide IT services out of India. A list of the services that we provide are below. -Technology consulting: If you need advice on how best to use technology to solve a business problem. For start-ups this generally involves creation of proof of concepts to determine if your idea is feasible and identifying the right tools and technology. We help you in creating a plan to achieve your goal using technology. The plan would include details on the schedule, approach, technology and budget to help you get started. -Customized software development: If you have an idea but are looking for someone to create the software for it. This makes sense for Independent software vendors (ISVs) which want to outsource their software development work or companies which want specialized software built to run their business smoothly. We can develop software which would run on your preferred platforms like Windows, Android and IOS. -Software Maintenance: If you already have software for your business but are looking for someone to maintain it or modernize it. This could be addition of new features, fixing defects or porting the software to work on a different platform. -User experience and performance improvements: We can review your existing software and fix the problem areas in it by making it perform faster (Optimization of source code), redesigning the interface with a user friendly approach. -Quality Assurance (QA): You already have your software ready but need to ensure quality by finding any defects and performance issues before you ship the product or make it available to your end users. We rigorously test your software manually and using automated tools (like selenium) and report any functional, security and performance issues. -DevOps: We can install and configure software on physical and virtual machines, cloud Learning / Documentation: We can create comprehensive documentation for your software. We can also create demo apps, code snippets, videos (using tools like Camtasia). -IT Automation: You find that your staff is spending too much time or effort performing a repetitive activity. We will find a way to speed up this activity or make it easier by applying the right technology and workflow to automate it. In this process we will minimize the user inputs and ensure easy interpretation of results. -Technical Trainings: We can conduct live or online technical trainings



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