“Angry Gone"™ is the first ever wearable product that instantly and permanently stops any physical or verbal anger outbursts with no effort required. Company Overview Angry Gone provides effective and affordable anger management products. Its aim is to provide lasting solutions to destructive anger outbursts and the harmful effects they create in the world. Angry Gone - "Takes Anger Away Today"™ General Information “Angry Gone" is a breakthrough that will instantly and permanently stop any physical or verbal anger outbursts. It's a patent pending wristwatch-like device that sends a painful electric shock just prior to an anger attack. It has 3 buttons that control blood pressure (mmHg), heart rate (bpm), muscle tension (mV), and body temperature (celsius) sensors above an electro-shocker. These numbers set the trigger point, power of the shock, and the access code for adjustments. Unlike other methods, it requires no effort from the user.


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