Michal Wertheim - Fuchs and Yuval Rong met during their studies at the School of Fine Arts and jewellery Craftsmanship in Tel Aviv in 1993. YAM, which stands for Yuval and Michal, was born following a fruitful partnership of four years. Michal, a native of the bustling city of Tel Aviv, grew up in an artistic family and majored in art and literature. Yuval’s provincial roots combine with a passionate awe for the sea and his studies in architecture. The differences in their respective backgrounds highlight the contrast evident in their conception and creation of jewellery. Yuval and Michal artistically coupled for over a decade, blend tradition with innovation and the elegant with the rustic. They conceive and create their jewellery while adhering to the highest standards of artistry and excellence. Their artistic philosophy is based on impeccable quality, distinction, and contemporary splendor.



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