Rafael Feed Mills manufactures a variety of feeds, with 57% intended for poultry - broilers, turkey and egg-laying poultry - 25% intended for cattle, sheep and goats - and 18% intended for the fish sector. Additionally, the company manufactures small amounts of pet food. Rafael Feed Mills is in daily contact with growers via its technical support staff, offering a unique feeding plan adapted to conditions in the field, for each specific season, and based on the quality of the feed and the maximum profit for the grower. Through trials held in testing stations and in the field, Rafael Feed Mills is constantly renewing the composition and the shape of its feed. A sophisticated lab performs meticulous analyses, starting with the raw material coming into the factory and up to the final feed - upon dispatch to the grower. Aquaculture: Rafael Aqua Feed is the largest producer of fish feed in Israel. It manufactures feed for the various kinds of farmed fish (Tilapia, Carp, predators, etc.), intensive fisheries (including ornamental fish) and marine fish. Several years ago, Rafael Feed Mills installed an extrusion system for the manufacturing of floating and sinking feed. Extruded feed significantly improves the efficiency of the fish sector allowing growers to increase production. It also allows Rafael Feedmill to develop additional markets in the Mediterranean and in Eastern Europe, Center America, Africa.



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