The RED TIS is a corporation which consists of three parts Technical Department The Insurance Department The Department Media The Technical Department operates and specializes in licensing, design, supervision and overall technical support of electromechanical engineering structures, industrial and commercial enterprises, the organization of sectors and certification of enterprise management systems, Certification of industrial products, but also the health and safety labor. The Insurance Department is active in the insurance broker. Our philosophy is to raise awareness of any service, speed and above all the confidence that all these years we provide the right to commit ourselves totally opposite to each need separately. The Insurance Division provides insurance services to all sectors. The Media Department operates in the specialized information area on energy and business issues in the Balkans. I believe our company can provide a very important distribution channnel for your product in the geographic market where we are located (Greece - Balkans, as our location is at NE Greece and about 50-350km from Turkey, Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania). Please email me at [email protected] or call me at +30-25410-73337 so we may speak further.



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