Qinzhou Skye Trading Co., Ltd. locates in Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous Region, which was established in 2014. But We have been in pottery producing and selling more than 10 years. We mainly sell Nixing Pottery handmade commodities, teaware series, vases series and ceramics artwork. Our company new sell Pottery on the online platform Ningxing pottery.com and Alibaba.com this year. Hope we supply the greatest handmade pottery, best service for our customers and try our best to show Chinese Traditional Nixing Pottery all around world. Now Let’s introduce the Qinzhou Nixing Pottery for u: Qinzhou Nixing Pottery is one of the most famous potteries. It's history dates back 1,300 years ago. It is made from peculiar purple and red clay in Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. And this time-honored skill has been included in the 2008 China's intangible cultural heritages and many countries also holds the Nixing pottery exhibitions. Qinzhou Nixing pottery is the most local characteristic handicraft. Each Nixing pottery handicraft has made through 12 steps which include choosing the fine pottery→weathering→→pressure filter→Mix and fine-milled Clay, pottery in vacuum condition→mixing all the materials→Hand Shape Forming→mending the shaping→carving→kilning→polishing→burnishing. Specially, each handicraft pottery has different color after the process of oxidation and Firing. Nixing pottery makes use of the special carving skills as its decoration. This kind of decoration make the pottery more elegant. Nixing pottery has many features that includes fine slime, water-absorbing material, good air permeability, nature clay, And it is non-toxic. It is the best choice of brewing the tea leaf and planting the flower. Specially, if you us out Nixing Pottery to drink tea everyday, it is good for our health. Nixing pottery has all kinds of types that the majority being teawares, tableware, vases, coffee utensils, ceramic handicrafts.



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