NAFIGATE Cosmetics is a czech company that deals with the development and production of cosmetic products that work against wrinkles and appearances of skin aging since the year 2015. The company focuses on the development of the products with hyaluronic acid which can be found in the most of its products. One of the company’s bases is the use of the clearest ingredients without those that are unnecessary. That is the reason why all the products are perfume and paraben free. Thanks to its own research in the field of nanotechnology, the company developed the licensed product Nano Eye Lift. NAFIGATE Cosmetics looks for the way how to combine ingredients produced by nature and people in such way, so they would rejuvenate skin and supply it with everything it needs. The company fully respects the power of nature and borrows its ingredients to the NAFIGATE Cosmetics products. At the same time, the team believes in scientific progress. That is the reason why NAFIGATE Cosmetics use the nanofiber technology, molecules of hyaluronic acid and other newest ingredients. Thanks to the combination of the best from the both worlds, NAFIGATE Cosmetics creates effective cosmetic products that are sensitive toward skin and nature. They are soft, light, paraben and perfume free.


Czech Republic

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