Waycare is partnering with some of the most innovative cities in the world. Together we are building safer, smarter cities. Waycare is shaping the future of city mobility, enabling cities to take full control of their roads by harnessing in-vehicle information and municipal traffic data for predictive insights and proactive traffic management optimization. Waycare’s platform enables municipalities to capitalize on the enormous amount of data coming from various transportation modes, including connected and autonomous vehicles, to improve traffic safety and proactively manage the city’s roads. Waycare enables cities to go beyond their existing infrastructure and leverage diverse datasets, both historical and real-time. Waycare’s partners offer cities a multi-dimensional view of their roads; in-vehicle data, weather, cameras, public transit, and more. We’re excited to have partners join our journey in shaping the future of city mobility. Interested in partnering? Email us at [email protected]. We are backed by a group of strategic and experienced investors, playing an integral role in helping Waycare achieve its mission. Autoconnect Nashville, TN October 18, 2018 We will be speaking at: Challenges and Opportunities in the New Mobility Economy / 1:15 - 2:00 p.m "By using Waycare we have reduced response time by 10 to 12 minutes [...] Waycare is sharing information across agencies simultaneously which saves even more time. This means responders are all looking at the same information at the same time and determining how they need to play in that particular incident." "Waycare has been vital for us at a high level to have an overview of where our troopers are, where incidents are happening, where traffic is starting to queue up and where we need to smooth things us. Not only does it help our troopers on the road but it helps all the way up our chain to our commanders as well." The information we get from Waycare will enable us to use our resources, including the Freeway Service Patrol, in a more efficient and strategic manner. We are excited to be working with Waycare and our partners at NDOT and NHP to further our ongoing efforts to utilize data to improve our regional traffic management system...These types of advanced technologies represent the future of transportation, and the future is now in Southern Nevada. Data is the new currency and developers of new tools and analytics are the bankers. Waycare's technology is helping us further explore new ways to harness new datasets to better understand our roads and improve traffic safety in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. Noam Maital is the CEO and a Co-Founder of Waycare Technologies. Prior to WayCare, Noam led global strategy projects in technology implementation, growth strategy, and financial due diligence. Noam holds a BSc, Summa Cum Laude, from Babson College with a dual degree in Economics and Strategic Management. Prior to his studies, Noam served as a First Sergeant in the Israeli Special Forces. Shai Suzan is the CIO and a Co-Founder of Waycare Technologies. Prior to founding WayCare, Shai led International R&D projects in the automotive and IOT domains with leading hi-tech companies such as Zoran, CSR, and Qualcomm. Shai holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the Technion Institute, and served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force. Idan is the CTO and a Co-Founder of Waycare Technologies. Idan brings over ten years of experience working with global technology companies, including Intel and Amazon. Idan holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the Technion Institute. Prior to his education Idan served as a Captain in the Israeli Air Force. Shai Maron is the VP of R&D of Waycare Technologies. Shai brings to the team over ten years of R&D experience, working on a diverse range of technologies and expertise in Big Data, Web development and System architecture. He holds a Bsc in computer science and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Shai served as an officer in elite intelligence technology unit of the Israeli Defense Forces for seven years. Paul-Matthew Zamsky leads the partnership efforts at Waycare Technologies. Before Waycare, he was the Director of Customer Success at Powerlinx. He has been evolving in the start-up world ever since graduating from NYU with a double major in Economics & Politics. Prior to his studies, Paul-Matthew served as a Sergeant in a combat unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Yaniv Costica is a Data Engineer at Waycare. Prior to Waycare, Yaniv worked as an engineer for the telecom company Ceragon Networks and at the automotive safety company GreenRoads Technologies. Yaniv holds a BSc in Communication Systems Engineering from the University of Ben Gurion and served in the elite intelligence technology unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Alex is a Data Scientist at Waycare. Alex brings over a decade of quant research and data science in various domains (Hedge funds, AdTech, Social networks...). He graduated with a B.Sc in physics, an M.Sc in financial mathematics and is currently working on a Ph.D. in physics focused on network science.



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