Ackerman Pharma is a Mexican Corporation officially organized in 2013. Combined, our team has more than 50 years of experience working with distribution of medical devices and pharmaceutical products in Mexico and Latam. Ackerman Pharma sells and distributes a wide range of products for pharmaceutical distributors, medical device manufacturers, medical suppliers and pharmaceutical laboratories. Our partners generate more than US$ 7 billion in sales worldwide. Ackerman Pharma's infrastructure has the logistical capabilities to sell a large variety of products, inlcuding but not limited to medical devices, supplies, medicine, etc., to a nationwide market, producing revenues ranging from 17.9 to 21.9 million USD. Ackerman Pharma provides services to retail chains (including Pharmacies and markets), distributors, hospitals, care providers and government affiliates. Ackerman Pharma's key market focuses are within the business to business and business to distributor sectors. We are currently developing an eCommerce management channel to increase efficiency, reduce the time and cost of our operation and to better serve our clients. Ackerman is divided into departments including Administration, Imports, Marketing, Sales, Regulatory, Legal, Accounting and Taxes, Business Development, Tenders, Logistics, Technical Support, Warehouse, Quality Control and Training, Pharmaco and Technical Vigilance and Secondary Packaging.



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