Office partitions with Aluminium & Glass, suspended ceilings, Construction, Procurement and Logistics services, Landscape designs To provide excellent general commercialization industry, and engineering services in an efficient and professional manner putting the client as our first priority. Private Limited Liability Companies: These are limited by either shares or guarantee. It includes a single member company and consists of 1-100 members Our lawyer will prepare Company Articles and Memorandum of Association for you. Its your company constitution and should include names and signatures of subscribers. Have them witness and sign it as well. Registration of NGOs in Uganda has been seen by many as a complex process given the documentation involved. With the right information, the process should not be complex. This brief text provides an easy to read and understand summary of requirements for registration of NGOs in Uganda. In Uganda the Non Governmental Organisations are regulated by the Non Governmental Organisations Registration Act Cap 113 as amended in 2006. The Act governs the registration, management and governance of Non Governmental Organisations. (LC I). This must recommend the organization. On the same letter, the Chairman LC II, LC III and Resident District Commissioner (RDC) should each endorse their signatures and stamp. The organization can use the LC I from the area where it has its Headquarters. 2. The Organization should have written recommendation of two sureties or recommenders who should each write separately recommending the organization. Technical areas of activities need recommendation from the concerned line Ministry/Department. 3. The Organization should have a work plan of its activities to be carried out for the first year of the term of operation. The activities or work plan for the one year should have budget i.e. how much is to be spent on each of those activities (this is tentative budget). The budget should reflect source of funds and the work plan. 4. The organization should have two copies of the Constitution or by By-Laws or Rules and should have a provision in it specifying the purposes for which the funds are to be utilized. 5. The NGO should have an Organizational Chart/Administrative chart showing its leadership. 6. Every indigenous NGO is to pay Ug. Shs. 40,000/= registration fee. 7. Every organization is to fill Form A which should be duly completed and signed by at least two promoters. The names of the promoters should be printed in front of their signatures on the form. Promoters are the owners of the organization. 8. The Organization should bring all its papers/application on a Spring Manila File Cover. 9. On the cover of file, please print in Capital Letters the names of the organization, the address/Box number and telephone contacts in case you are required to appear before the NGO Board. 10. The organization should write a letter to the Secretary NGO Board specifying the area of their operation. This is what will be printed on the permit once granted. 11. Every organization should reserve its name with the Registrar General’s Office at the Ministry of Justice. This is done to make sure that no other organization will use your names or the name of the organization is free to be used by you. In case of subsequent change of names, a reservation must be done again. 12. If the organization has a Foreigner working with it or the Foreigner is coming to join them, the organization should read section 13 of Non-Governmental Act 2006 (amended) and the relevant Regulations. Fill in the following forms (obtained from the indicated link: Form S18: Particulars of company directors – Form S18, Form A1: Statement of Nominal Capital – Form A1 Get an assessment from any of the above mentioned places (except the bookshop), then pay for the company to be incorporated.



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