Annual Memberships


Ideal for companies seeking to test the strategic growth and partnership market

  • Browse through thousands of Opportunities
  • Claim and enhance your Company Profile
  • Display unlimited Opportunities anonymously
  • Gain insight into your company's PowerScore (Limited)
  • Respond to inbound Opportunities
  • Live chat and email support


For companies commited to strategically growing their business through partnerships

All Basic +

  • Find the right match for your business (Unlimited matches)
  • Highlight your company information on Opportunities
  • Advanced privacy options
  • Preferred Partner with Powerlinx-Verified Badge
  • Gain insight into your company's PowerScore (Full)
  • Connect within the Powerlinx community (5 direct messages each month)
  • Reveal company's direct contact information (40 companies each month)
  • Phone support
  • One month Onboarding success program


For companies commited to strategic growth by fully leveraging all capabilities of Powerlinx

All Professional +

  • Browse through thousands of Opportunities (Unlimited matches + Dedicated review)
  • Promoted Opportunities
  • Connect within the Powerlinx community (35 direct messages each month)
  • Reveal company's direct contact information (100 companies each month)
  • Get introduced to potential partners
  • Dedicated Business Advisor
  • Outreach Specialist Team via Reach Outs

Security and privacy are designed into everything we do.


Discover the right partner with our proprietary PowerScoreTM. We measure the compatibility of your business to every company on the Powerlinx database: 52 million and counting.

Browse, source and connect with tens of thousands of opportunities globally, collectively valued at over $30 billion USD.

Showcase your objectives to qualified companies, collaborators and partners, whether you’re looking to grow, finance or sell your business.

Expand your digital presence by activating your Company Profile, increasing your exposure on Powerlinx and as well as leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

“Years of experience with companies focused on small-business services”

“Powerlinx specializes in helping small and mid-sized businesses find trading partners.“

“eHarmony or JDate for companies“

“Enter the world of Big Data.“

“ Une rupture technologique basée d’une part sur un agrégat de données structurées et non structurées sur les entreprises, permettant de croiser les sources et les types d'informations et d’autre part sur un moteur de recherche qui s'appuie sur la sémantique pour traiter et croiser les informations. “

“ Powerlinx collecte les données des sites Web et des réseaux sociaux, et utilise l’intelligence artificielle pour identifier les sociétés censées répondre au mieux à une requête particulière. ”

“ Powerlinx a été conçue pour aider les entreprises qui se lancent à l'international à dénicher les perles rares ! La plateforme s'articule autour d'un graph identifiant les potentiels intérêts communs à deux entreprises. “

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Any questions?

Why an annual subscription?

We use a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to find and recommend companies that you should work with. Our technology learns with you as you provide feedback on matches and interact with businesses on Powerlinx. The more you interact with Powerlinx, the better suggestions and insight we can provide to your business.

If my business operates outside of the United States, should I still join Powerlinx?

Absolutely! Our members represent businesses located in over 165 countries around the globe.

What is a Powerlinx Verified Badge?

Powerlinx uses best efforts to verify the authenticity of members as companies who are actively seeking partnership opportunities and/or other growth activities. You can find out more here.

What is a Reach Out Request?

We know that as a business owner, you have more important things to do with your time than cold call potential partners. That's why we have a dedicated team of Outreach Specialists to get you in touch with the right person at the desired company. We make sure that when you have that first call you can jump right in to discussing business opportunities.

Who can see my information?

We have a variety of privacy settings. Determine where information is private, public or, in some cases, anonymous.

What is the difference between the Powerlinx community and companies beyond Powerlinx?

There are two main populations of companies on platform. The first group includes Powerlinx members who have signed up for the platform and are actively representing a company on Powerlinx. The second includes over 52 million companies globally within our proprietary database.

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