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Cosmetic Active Ingredient Suppliers

Cosmetic active ingredients are those whose main purpose in the formula is to deliver a benefit to a consumer. They may have some secondary effect of improving the feel of the product when it’s applied or stabilizing the formula but the primary reason they are added is for the effect they have on skin or hair.

Actives plays an important role in cosmetic product preparation. Cosmetic ingredients are manufactured synthetically or can be extracted from natural sources like plant-derived products. The usage of other raw material depends upon the kind of cosmetic active ingredients being produced.

Active ingredients suppliers can be hard to find. That is why we are providing you with a list of major players within that sector:

Brazilian branch of 3V SIGMA Group, producer of the following lines of products for cosmetic industry: Synthalen/Polygel – Rheol. modifiers, Thickeners Stabilien / Rapidgel – Stabilizers ; Rheology modifiers Hairfix – Fixative Resins Uvasorb – UV filters Emulsiderm – Emulsifiers Activederm – Actives Sensoderm – Emollients

AQIA Química Industrial Ltda
We are a 100% national chemical industry that creates, develops and manufactures ingredients for the cosmetics and personal hygiene market, with a wide portfolio since 1984. We are present in more than 20 countries. We offer our customers personalized service and a complete set of products and services that include technical advice with suggestions for formulations and applications; and support for marketing with insights, concepts and innovations.

Experts in natural ingredients. Since 1980, we have been growing, sourcing and processing the finest natural raw materials in order to supply exceptional plant extracts for creators around the world.

COSMOLIFE group has high capacity production in their facilities located in India. Under the COSMECOL brand we offer a wide range of Acid dyes, Nitro dyes, Basic Dyes and Oxidation intermediates. We are also offering water and oil soluble dyes for use in cosmetics and toiletries, including FDA grades compliant with global regulations.

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