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Sustainable, eco-friendly, bio-degradable cosmetic packaging suppliers

Put simply, sustainable packaging involves the production and use of packaging that makes the most of its materials, offering maximum value for minimal energy expenditure and landfill impact.

The most obvious example is the use of recycled or recyclable materials that reduce the demand for precious petroleum and the production of harmful greenhouse gases. Packaging that is used by the consumer more than once before it gets thrown away also counts toward overall sustainability.

Sustainable cosmetic packaging consists of beauty product packaging material that later on gets processed according to the 3Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle. Other important characteristics are biodegradability and being organic.

The most obvious benefits of using eco-friendly cosmetic packaging mostly pertain to the business’ green marketing and production aspects. Another benefits from using sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions include Promising Marketing Prospects, A Chance to Have A Good Market Share, Customer Loyalty, Contribution to Efforts to Protect the Environment and Immunity to Supply Chain Disruptions

With that said, we’ve put together a list of the main suppliers of sustainable cosmetic packaging below:

Sulapac is an ideal solution for forerunner brands striving for sustainability, without compromising functionality or aesthetics. In addition to dry, wax- and oil-based cosmetics substances, we now have a unique, patented barrier solution for water-based cosmetics.

You can switch to Sulapac materials and continue working with your converter. There is no need to invest on new machinery. Alternatively, you can choose ready-made jars through custom extensive partner network. Just select your preferred look and feel and wow your customers!

SKS Bottle & Packaging
SKS has packaging made of PIR, PCR, and Paperboard. These containers could be used to package anything from lotion and body wash to various food items. Using sustainable packaging could have a positive impact on your customers and your business, demonstrating that your company thinks “green.”

GIDEA Packaging
PCR cosmetic packaging is made of PCR plastics. PCR plastics are recycled materials made from existing PET bottles and other plastics bottles. Therefore, PCR cosmetic packaging is more environmental than other eco friendly cosmetic packaging. Using PCR plastics, the environment is saved from excess pollution, and the cosmetic packaging manufactures can produce durable new recycling cosmetic packaging. Gidea’s PCR cosmetic packaging is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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